Pecan Praline Mini Cakes

Well, here we are…right in the middle of the holiday season and I am really loving every minute of it!! Baking during the holidays is my favorite thing to do, and with Hanukkah coming early this year, I am thinking of all of the new recipes to create that celebrate my Jewish heritage, as much as enjoying all of the fun of Christmas baking too!

Growing up in Texas, I fell in love with pralines and pecan trees used to be everywhere! They have to be my favorite nut to bake with, and lately, I have been craving desserts that remind me of my childhood. When I think of creating a new recipe, I often think of how much I love nostalgic treats. So, creating a little cake that tastes just like a confection that was part of my youth was so much fun. I took a pound cake recipe, added lots of pecans, dark brown sugar, then created a glaze that tastes exactly like a praline. These are truly one of the yummiest things I have created to date!! I hope you love them as much as I do!! Happy holidays everyone. I hope you are staying well and healthy!! xo

*You will need mini bundt pans or mini loaf pans to create these little cakes!*

Some of the yummy ingredients that went into creating these yummy cakes!

The batter was so delicious too!
Make sure to toast the pecans for the batter and the topping. It really brings out the flavor of the nuts.

Fill the pans about 3/4 full.

I also used these mini loaf pans, which were great too. You can make all of them as bundts or loaves or both!

They will become a light golden brown when they are baked!

Make this delicious caramel glaze that gets nice and thick as it gets cooler and you keep stirring it!

Make sure the cakes are cooled well before glazing them. If they are warm, the glaze will run off.

Pour the glaze over the cakes and sprinkle lots of the toasted pecans. Can you say YUMMMY? 🙂

This definitely deserved a close up!!

The mini loaves came out beautifully too and just as delicious!

These are so pretty! They are perfect for your dessert table or to give away as homemade gifts!

I just can’t tell you how delicious these are! You are going to have to make them for yourselves and see!!

8 crazy nights!!! 🙂

Pecan Praline Mini Cakes

Makes: 12 mini bundt cakes or 6 mini bundts and 8 mini loaves Prep time: 45 minutes Bake time: about 33 for mini bundts, 26 for mini loaves



1 cup chopped and toasted pecans

1 cup softened and unsalted, butter

1, 8 ounce package softened cream cheese

1, 16 ounce package of Dixie Crystals Dark Brown Sugar

4 eggs

2 and 1/2 cups all purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

3/4 teaspoon salt

1, 8 ounce container sour cream

1 tablespoon Nielsen Massey vanilla extract

Praline Glaze

2 cups Dixie Crystals Light Brown Sugar

1 cup unsalted butter

1/2 cup heavy cream

2 cups sifted Dixie Crystals Confectioners Sugar

2 teaspoons Nielsen Massey vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup toasted, chopped pecans for garnishing


Heat your oven to 350. Place the two cups of pecans on a baking sheet and bake for 4 minutes. Do not over bake them!

Now, preheat your oven to 325 degrees and spray your baking pans with baking spray that contains flour. You do not want these cakes to stick to the pans!!

Set aside one cup of pecans for the topping of the cakes.

In the bowl of your stand mixer, mix the softened butter and cream cheese until they are well combined and creamy.

Add in your brown sugar and mix until well blended.

Add in the eggs, one at a time and mix until combined.

Add in the vanilla and sour cream and stir until the mixture is well combined.

In another bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt.

Mix in the 1 cup of toasted pecans

Slowly combine the dry ingredients into the wet and stir until just combine. DO NOT over mix the batter or the cakes will be rubbery and dry.

If you are using two mini bundt pans or one mini bundt pan and one mini loaf pan, fill each one about 3/4 full.

Place the pans into your preheated oven.

If you are just using the bundt pans, bake them for 33 to 35 minutes. They should be lightly golden brown and spring back when you touch them. Make sure not to over bake them.

If you are using the mini loaf pans, bake them for 26 to 28 minutes.

Cool the cakes in the pan for about 10 minutes or cool enough to handle.

Turn onto wire racks and cool completely.

While the cakes are cooling, make your praline glaze.

Make the glaze:

Sift your powdered sugar so there will be no lumps in the glaze.

In a medium sized pot, combine the butter, brown sugar and cream.

Stir until combined over medium heat. Whisk constantly so it doesn’t burn.

Bring to a full boil, then boil for one full minute.

Remove from the heat and add vanilla and salt.

Continue to whisk until the mixture becomes thick and a bit cooler.

Beat in your confectioners sugar until smooth and creamy.

Using a tablespoon, pour the icing over the cool cakes. I used quite a bit and the icing makes a lot so be generous!

Immediately sprinkle with the remaining toasted pecans so they will stick to the frosting.

Store these cakes in an airtight container for up to 4 days.

They freeze well by wrapping them with wax paper and foil. Freeze for up to a month.

Enjoy these little bites of heaven!

Happy Holidays, my friends!!




  1. Sheila Weinstein says:

    These are soooo delicious. I have the good fortune of being able to sample the scrumptious creations of my daughter who just happens to be “Sweet Things By Lizzie!” And this recipe is just perfect for the holidays!
    Bake and enjoy!

    1. Lizzie says:

      Thanks so much, Mama…xoxoxo

  2. Jett Whitfield says:

    Definitely making these this holiday season. Thank you for sharing your delicious recipe.

    1. Lizzie says:

      thanks so much, sweet friend xo

  3. Selina Tepoot says:

    Those pecan praline mini cakes look super yummy and absolutely delish! The pecans and the glaze so luscious. Great recipe and amazing photography.

    1. Lizzie says:

      Thanks so much, Selina!! You are the sweetest!! Happy Holidays! xoxo

  4. Judy says:

    Can these be made in regular loaf pans or one large Bundt pan?

    1. Lizzie says:

      I’m sure they can, but you will have to play around with the baking times!!

  5. Pam vannoy says:

    16 oz. Brown sugar in cake ingredients and 2 cups in glaze?

    1. Lizzie says:

      Yes Ma’am!!

  6. Ann says:

    But do you add the brown sugar to the wet or dry ingredients?

    1. Lizzie says:

      Hi Ann. The recipe has now been updated. Thanks so much. Lizzie xo

  7. Nova says:


    I’m currently baking these but I ran across a few things with your instructions. There isn’t a step in making the cakes where you add the brown sugar. I just added it to my dry ingredients before combining everything. In the glaze instructions you write to sift the powdered sugar but you don’t have where to put it into the glaze. What do I do with the powdered sugar after I sift it? I’m excited to try these. Thank you!

    1. Lizzie says:

      Hi Nova. I did update the recipe to show the correct steps. Thanks so much xo Lizzie

  8. Tammie says:

    When do you put in powdered sugar that you have sifted?


    1. Lizzie says:

      the recipe has now been updated. Thanks so much!

  9. Doris says:

    There is 16 oz of brown sugar listed in the cake ingredients but in the directions it doesn’t say when to add the brown sugar. I assumed it should have been added with the cream cheese and butter so that is what I did. I have them in the oven now and can’t wait to try them! They look scrumptious in your photos! Thank you for this recipe!

    1. Lizzie says:

      Hi Doris. Thanks so much for your note, and for pointing out the omission. I did go ahead and correct that to show how to add in the brown sugar. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!! xo Lizzie

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