Meet Lizzie

Sweet Things By Lizzie


One of my first memories as a child was at the age of 5, watching my father walk across the lawn carrying an Easy Bake Oven. I remember so vividly how excited I was even though I was so young.  I was over the moon knowing that finally I could do what I’d been dreaming about…bake!  In that tiny pan I created all sorts of desserts and then watched them bake by the light and heat of the small light bulb inside. Playing with it day and night, I would go to sleep imagining myself opening my very own bakery. My Mother let me bake with her every time she was in the kitchen, and I got my first cookbook when I was 6.  I still have it and look at the pages that have the most stains on them…they were the ones with dessert recipes!

I come from a long line of fabulous and very talented bakers. I used to love watching my Grandmother create the most delicious cakes and treats. My Mother followed in her footsteps and my brother and sister and I grew up with the perfume of delicious baking when we opened the door into the kitchen after school. My Father was also a gourmet cook and used to create the most heavenly French pastries. I can still smell the butter and almond paste coming from the oven when he made his special desserts. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled the world, and I can truly say my favorite part of traveling  is tasting so many different foods.  The way croissants tasted with fresh jam and butter in France, or scones with clotted cream tasted in England, evoke the most incredible memories.

How Sweet Things By Lizzie Got Started

I started Sweet Things By Lizzie as a cottage industry dessert caterer after I was asked to provide homemade baked goods for many local doctors offices many years ago. I’ve been baking non-stop since then, gaining more clients every day. I have had the privilege of working with Williams Sonoma, showcasing my baked goods in their weekly artisan markets. I love sharing what I do and the passion I have for my baking with everyone who loves to bake and eat dessert.  I am now a featured blogger and brand ambassador for many different companies, such as Dixie Crystals Sugar, Nielsen Massey, Wilton, Red Star Yeast, Sprinkle Pop, Bakery Bling, Caskata and Organic Valley, to name a few!!  I have moved away from catering and am now focusing on my blog and taking my baking to the next level!!

My heart knows this is what I was born to do and I am the most creatively fulfilled in the kitchen whipping up scrumptious treats and watching my friends and family devour them.  At Sweet Things By Lizzie, I love creating my own recipes, or adding my own twist to others’ recipes, and thinking of all the ways I can develop new ones to make the world’s most decadent, mouth watering treats. After all, what would life be without dessert?

Life is good here in sunny northern Florida with my darling husband, Michael!! I have two beautiful grown children who live in other parts of Florida and am lucky enough to see them often..There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t feel so grateful for the life that is mine.

Sweet Things by Lizzie will bring you the most delicious recipes, with step by step directions and beautiful photos that will make even the novice baker feel like a professional. I hope you already love or will learn to love baking as much as I do. Please contact me and tell me your stories or leave some feedback!

Thank you for coming along on my baking journey!!