Sprouts Is Now Open In Jacksonville!!!

Hi my friends!! I have such a fun post to share with you along with the best photos of last night!!

I am SO excited to let you all know that Sprouts is now open at the St. Johns Town Center in Jacksonville, Florida!! I, along with some fellow Jax bloggers, got to take a tour of the wonderful new store, and it was such a blast!! I am over the moon about the fact that Jacksonville now has a store as fabulous as this, AND they carry the very best products at the very best prices too!! I wanted to share my photos with you, along with what I really love about Sprouts as well!!

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Make sure you get to the new Sprouts at the St. Johns Town Center soon! I promise you, you will LOVE it!!

I just had to buy a shirt to match the colors of the logo 🙂 Wait until you see the inside of the store and how cool it is! With the super high ceilings and sky lights, it gives you the feeling of being in an open air farmer’s market!

Right when you walk in, you can see how well placed the signs are, and how easy it is to find the separate departments! Everyone was so nice and helpful too!!

It was about 100 degrees yesterday, so it was fitting when we walked in and saw the huge assortment of cold drinks right to the left! Everything from kombucha, to organic juices to water! It was the perfect way to start the tour!

I am a real fresh flower lover, so I got really excited when I saw the beautiful arrangements of flowers…and they are super inexpensive too!! Just seeing them makes me smile 🙂

When you walk through the doors, straight ahead you will see an absolutely delicious prepared foods and deli section. Everything made my mouth water, and the samples were so yummy. I love having the convenience of something I can just take home and gobble up!

There was an amazing fresh seafood department too! Look at how perfect these shrimp look? Yummy!!

All of Sprouts meats and seafood are responsibly sourced, which is so important today!

A fantastic array of meats that were super well priced, were part of the meat department. How cute is this bakery department sign? I had to pull myself away from that department 🙂 Everything looked dangerously delicious 🙂

I could create an entire post around the produce department…especially since this is what makes Sprouts unique in the grocery store industry! Look at this gorgeous, organic produce!!

Every day, you will see a counter that shows how many organic items they have in the produce section!! Pretty impressive, huh?

Look at these exotic, gorgeous fruits!! Do you know what that big one is in the middle? 🙂

From everyday staples to exotic varieties, Sprouts offers an abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables grown by responsible farmers at the lowest prices.

Look at all these amazing spices? The best part is that you can buy as much or as little as you want!! Perfect for home cooking!!

Undoubtedly one of my favorite parts of the store…the make your own peanut or almond butter section!! HEAVEN 🙂 You guys all know about my peanut butter obsession!! I could eat pounds of it every day 🙂

Another one of my favorite parts of the store 🙂 It’s so cool because there is a whole aisle dedicated to bulk foods, which is perfect for buying only what you need!

Sprouts has a huge selection of dairy products, and also offers lots of vegetarian and vegan options too! The best I’ve ever seen!

You’ll find many local brands, which is terrific for supporting local small businesses, as well.

Look at these cool soaps? They smelled so yummy too!! I wanted to grab one of each 🙂 The health, beauty and wellness department is filled with such a great variety of non animal tested and environmentally safe products. It’s so good to know how much Sprouts cares about the community, sustainability and the environment!

How pretty is this sign?

Don’t forget to download the Sprouts app for weekly specials, ads and fun checkout challenges!

My fellow Jax bloggers and I after our fun tour, with goodie bags to boot 🙂 So, head on over to Sprouts in Jacksonville!! You’ll be SO happy you did!! 🙂

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