Double Dunked Chocolate Pretzels

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!  I hope you are all having a great holiday season!! I’ve been knee deep in holiday shopping, working on my blog, my other company, and creating some new recipes too!!

We have a well known chocolate company here in Jacksonville, and I was walking by one of their stores the other day with my husband and decided to take a look at what treats they had.  I have to say that I was shocked by the prices of their goodies…especially knowing that they use another name brand chocolate from which they create their treats.  I decided to come home and make my own treats to give as gifts to friends and family.  Starting with all of the best ingredients make such a huge difference in the outcome of anything I make, so this recipe is no exception.

I recently fell in love with Guittard chocolate.  It is absolutely delicious and organic too, which is a huge bonus!!  I used all Guittard in this recipe and could really tell the difference in the outcome.  Double dunking the pretzels makes all the difference too, because they are extra thick and tasty!!  Make these treats for all your friends and family and give them as Hanukkah or Christmas gifts!! They last for several weeks in an airtight container so you can start your holiday treat making early 🙂  Use your favorite sprinkles, toffee, nuts, or chocolate chips on top too and let your imagination go wild and have some fun!!!

Here are some of the ingredients I used to make the pretzels.

Melt the milk chocolate in a deep, microwave safe bowl.

Melt the semi-sweet chocolate for drizzling on top.  You can always use semi sweet or dark chocolate as the base.

Dunk the pretzels in the milk chocolate completely to cover.

Tap off the excess with a fork.

Lay 8 pretzels per parchment lined pan and place in the fridge while you dunk the other 8 pretzels.

After you have dunked and chilled both pans, dunk the pretzels again in the milk chocolate and tap off excess.

After the second dunking, drizzle the semi sweet chocolate over the pretzels.

Add cute holiday sprinkles.

Love these Hanukkah sprinkles!

I also used delicious chopped B Toffee on top.

They are SO pretty and festive and last a good long time sealed well in the fridge!

These gorgeous and delicious pretzels make the perfect gift or centerpiece for your holiday table !!

Double Dunked Chocolate Pretzels

Makes: 16 larger sized pretzels Prep time: 45 minutes Chilling time: 30 minutes after they are dunked


2, 12 ounce bags Guittard Milk Chocolate Chips

1, 12 ounce bag Guittard Semi Sweet Chocolate baking wafers

1 bag of Snyders Old Tyme Pretzels

Toppings or sprinkles of your choice


Prepare 2 baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside.

In a deep but smaller microwave safe bowl, melt the milk chocolate for one minute and stir.  Microwave the chocolate for another minute and stir until it is completely melted.

In another microwave safe bowl, microwave the semi sweet wafers for one minute and stir until melted.

With a larger fork, submerge the pretzels, (one at a time), in the milk chocolate.

Tap off the excess and place on the lined baking sheet.

Place 8 total on the pan and place in the fridge while you repeat the same process with the other 8 pretzels.

When the pretzels have been chilled for about 20 minutes, or completely hardened, dunk them again.

Tap off excess and place back on the baking sheets.

Drizzle the semi sweet chocolate over the top of each pretzel.

Sprinkle the topping of your choice over each pretzel.

Place back in the fridge until very cold.

In a container lined with wax paper between the layers, place the chilled pretzels.

Keep them in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.

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